daily med exists to orient a worshipper's attitudes, thoughts, and affections on the person and message of Jesus Christ. 

Nothing breathes new life like the living and active Word of God. daily med is not meant to take the place of regular intentional devoted time in the Bible. Rather, the prayers, meditations, poems, and liturgies you engage with here should cultivate a greater desire to worship God and His gift of our Savior, Jesus. The goal is to lead the worshipper to spend even more time studying and savoring the Word of God.

At the bottom of each post you'll find foundational Scripture that inspired that written piece. Enjoy digging in and going deeper!

Jesus said that He came not for the healthy who have no need of a doctor but for the sick who desperately desire to be made well- we who are poor in spirit and suffused with weakness. And our Great Physician is always interceding for us, that we may endure to gain everlasting joy in Him.