The Foolishness of Youth

O God, protect me from my youthful and foolish words
before I knew the striving of life,
the suffering of man.

My love was small,
and my ignorance great,
and selflessness seemed an easy endeavor.

But now I have lived and known and believed
all that You set before me.
And though still foolish and wistful and slight,
my love has grown holy
as I have learned the weight of a world I do not carry
and the beauty of stars I did not set in place.

So, God of All, teach me bold and joyful words
to bear patiently the trial-thick silence with my sister,
and walk the thorn-laden paths of grief with my brother,
that through Your Word,
and by Your hope,
we might all be healed
and made to endure.



Scripture:     Psalm 33    1 Thessalonians 4

The Way of Things

O God,

Do not give me over

to the whims of my youth,

lest they grow teeth

to devour my flesh.


Secure me in that steady place

of hope

manifested through grace,

lest my pride easily convince me

of some specious exaltation.


And let my eyes see clearly

and with humility,

lest they belie the way of things-

that you are More,

and I am less.

And by your sufficiency I live,

and breathe,

and move,

and am.



Scripture:     Proverbs 3    Matthew 23   Hebrews 2

Faith is a Fight

As I labor in a world of capricious affections,

Ground me in the presence of Your Word,

That I may not be founded in emotion

Or triage my sin

With the dashing waves of circumstance.


Teach me again to humble myself at Your feet

And cling to Your robe as a small child.

Speak contentment to my bones

And peace to my raging mind,

That I may praise You by faith, if not by feelings.




Scripture:     Psalm 23    James 1   Hebrews 11